Why use Contac UK ?

You need a professional and reliable company to support you with your mis-sold car finance claim from start to finish


We understand and adhere to our professional responsibilities in all our dealings, acting in the best interests of the client and striving for technical excellence.


Our years of experience with legal matters allowed us to integrate our work flow into our AI driven technology; to fast-track your claim without unnecessary delays, to achieve the most efficient client experience possible.


We strive to be effective by developing performance measures, regularly evaluating our performance, clearly communicating outcomes and results, and implementing changes needed.

How does it work?

Follow our process from form submission to final reporting

Check if you may have been Mis-Sold Car Finance

In order to begin the process of assessing whether you are eligible to claim against mis-sold car finance, we require you to fill in a short form to gain a better understanding of the finance agreement details.

Upon completion of the form and submitting the information required to us, you will then be re-directed onto the next stage of our process to sign an agreement which is detailed below.

Sign an agreement to process your claim

The next stage of our process is to sign our standard CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement) document, hosted securely through our cloud-based signing software, which will only take a brief moment.

The CFA is an agreement which states that our clients legal fees will only become payable should our client win their claim. By offering a conditional fee agreement, our solicitors are agreeing to work on a No Win No Fee basis.

Supply supporting documentation we request

Upon receipt of your details and the signed CFA agreement, we will then request a few more documents from you. These include a copy of your finance agreement, photographic identification and proof of address.

If you did not upload these within the form process stage, then we will supply you with a secure link in order for you to send them over to us. We collate these documents in order to fully investigate the potential claim amount you may be entitled to.

Your case is passed into our artificial intelligence system

Our intelligent indexing system makes note of any data and details in your finance agreement(s) and pushes it through to our calculation system. This process eliminates the potential of human error occurring, often found in manual data entry.

We continue to consult with the relevant legal bodies to ensure we are always providing our clients with the most accurate results possible, (which allows us to determine said potential claim amount(s).

A full report is generated and passed to our legal team

Finally, our bespoke system outputs a full report detailing all relevant statements, facts and figures with respect to your claim. At this stage all relevant documentation is passed to our legal team, who will investigate your case, to achieve the best outcome possible.

All inclusive solution

Our in-house team of law experts, project managers, technical experts, designers and trainers take the complexity out of the process: allowing our clients to relax receiving the service they deserve.

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